Estimate / Evaluation of antiques

If you want to sell an collection item, but you doubt its authenticity and want to find out the possible price of the sale, VIOLITY will help you free of charge!

We strongly recommend you to study the Auction Rules in detail before start to bid.

Our team of highly qualified experts is always ready to help you and share their extensive knowledge in the field of antiques and items of historical and cultural value.

In order to take advantage of this great opportunity, you need to do the following steps:

1.Register at the VIOLITY auction.

2. Switch to «Estimate / Evaluation of collector's item».

3. Select the section for evaluation of your item.

4. Create a new topic in the selected section by clicking the appropriate button, adhering to the following rules:

  • The title of the topic should be clear and straightforward.
  • Attached photos should be of good quality, maximally informative, some photos should contain an item with a ruler next to it or a photo of the item on the sheet in the cage (for small items ).
  • It is mandatory to indicate the material the evaluated item is made of.

If you ignore the requirements for the design of the topic of discussion, as well as in case of insulting the discussion participants or using the topic to discuss issues that are not relevant to the subject under discussion, the message can be deleted with a warning. After three warnings, the system automatically suspends the account for a period of 10 days.

If it is not possible to define a section for exhibiting, you can place your item it in the section «Unidentified objects».

The antiques evaluation procedure should be carried out in the most responsible way, in compliance with all forum rules.

The Administration expects participants to discuss topics in the forum with respect to each other and professionalism in the discussions. The Administration has the right to apply disciplinary measures to violators of the rules of conduct at VIOLITY forum.

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