Photos Drohobych 1930s from the notes of the American traveler

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One of the cities that visited the 1930s, the American traveler Louise Arner Boyd, was Drohobych. She decided to take it off during her small expedition. Drohobych became part of the journey from Lviv to Vilnius, which the American overcame.

The results of Louise Arner Boyd's trip were reflected in a 1937 publication in the New York photo album “Polish Province” (Polish Countrysides).

Louise's numerous journeys "ate" a significant part of her multimillion-dollar state, and unsuccessful investments have reduced him. In the end, she even had to sell the family house in San Rafael and all the furniture from it. The famous researcher died in old age in the 85th year of life in San Francisco.

In 1934, Drohobych was a typical Ukrainian-Polish border town. And only later did it become the center of the eponymous district of Lviv province.
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