Creativity of the author

Creativity of the author "Don Quixote"

22 April 2019, 20:49
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The literary work of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra began rather late, when he was 38 years old. The first work, the novel Galatea (1585), was followed by a large number of dramatic plays, which had little success.

To get his daily bread, the future author of Don Quixote enters the quartermaster service; he is assigned to purchase supplies for the Invincible Armada, then he is appointed collector of arrears. In the performance of these duties, he suffers great failures. By entrusting state money to one banker who escaped with them, Cervantes in 1597 was sent to prison on charges of embezzlement. Five years later, he was destined to be imprisoned again on a charge of monetary abuses. His life in those years was a whole chain of cruel deprivations, adversities and disasters.

From 1598 to 1603 there is almost no news about the life of Cervantes. In 1603, he appeared in Valladolid, where he was engaged in small private affairs, giving him meager earnings, and in 1604 the first part of the novel “The Cunning Hidalgo Don Quixote of La Mancha” was published, which had tremendous success in Spain and abroad. However, she did not improve the author’s financial situation, but only increased her hostility towards him, expressed in ridicule, slander, and persecution.
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From then until his death, the literary activity of Cervantes did not cease: between 1604 and 1616, the second part of Don Quixote appeared, all the novels, many dramatic works (“Jealous Old Man”, “Theater of Wonders”, “Labyrinth of Love”, etc.), the poem "Journey to Parnassus" and was written printed after the death of the author's novel "Persile and Sichismund."

Almost on his deathbed, Cervantes did not stop working; a few days before his death, he became a monk. On April 22, 1616, life ended (died of dropsy), which the carrier himself called “long unreasonableness” in his philosophical humor.

However, according to the customs of that time, the date of his death was recorded on the date of his funeral - April 23rd. Because of this, it is sometimes said that the date of death of Cervantes coincides with the date of death of another great writer, William Shakespeare, in fact, Cervantes died 11 days earlier (since, at that time, the Gregorian calendar was in Spain and the Julian calendar in England).

For a long time, no one knew the exact burial place of the outstanding Spanish writer. Only in 2015, archaeologists were able to find his remains, which were solemnly reburied in the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Madrid.
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