In the center of Mexico City excavated an ancient burial

In the center of Mexico City excavated an ancient burial

22 April 2019, 21:24
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The remains of the ritual sacrifice found in the center of Mexico City can indicate the location of the lost tomb of the emperor.

Mexican archaeologists have managed to find the remains of a sacrificed jaguar and a boy. According to researchers, imperial burials may be located nearby. Representatives of the royal family were buried just at the ritual building.

“The jaguar was dressed as a warrior, and the boy as the god of war and the Aztec sun. Nearby we found numerous decorations and knives. The animal and child are found on a ritual platform, not far from the Huitzilopochtli temple,” said Leonardo Lopez Lujan of the National Institute of Anthropology and History.

The remains of a 9-year-old boy dressed as Huitzilopochtli - the Aztec god of war and also the sun god were found. He was wearing a wooden disk, symbolizing deity, and a necklace of jade beads, and wings of hawk bones are attached to his shoulders.

Also in the burial was a skeleton of a jaguar in formal attire. It was covered with a layer of shells, pieces of coral and sea stars. There were also remains of a pink mower - a large bird of the ibis family.

Archaeologists noted that so far only studied 10% of the burial.

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