Egyptian archaeologists have found untouched tombs decorated with colorful murals

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Archaeologists managed to find two virtually untouched tombs in different parts of Egypt. The first is in the area of ​​the town of Sohag, the second is 30 km south of Cairo - the village of Saqqara.

The first tomb, according to experts, is more than 2,000 years old. Inside they found untouched mummies, as well as surprisingly well-preserved frescoes on the walls.

She was helped to identify the illegal excavations that were carried out near the burial complex. The attackers were detained, and archaeologists began to study the historically significant findings.

It was found that the tomb belonged to a nobleman named Tutu and his wife, who lived in the era of the Ptolemies. She kept the bright colors, and, moreover, more than 50 mummies of mice, cats and birds, such as ibis, falcons and eagles, were ritually buried in it.

The second tomb is from Saqqara. Moreover, according to archaeologists, she is much older: she is over 4000 years old. Approximately it was built in the time of Pharaoh Jedkara Isesi. There was a mummy of an official named Hoovey, a lot of artifacts lay nearby, and the walls, as in the case of the tomb in Sohag, sparkled with "fresh" colors.

In this tomb leads a small corridor, decorated with bright patterns of flowers. This is found only in cases of burial of royal persons and people close to them.

At the moment, deciphering frescoes.
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