In the past - scary, in the present - funny: a selection of historical photographs of the fighting vestments of soldiers

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People fought at all times. Battle dress was not the last place in victory or defeat. It was believed that the brighter and more massive it is, the frightening effect it has on the enemy. It was a kind of fetish, which once scared, and today many images of warriors look even funny.

In these historical photos, you can see the guards of Maharaja Ram Singh III in the Royal Palace of Jaipur, Japanese samurai, Ethiopian and Albanian soldiers.

A special place is occupied by Zeibaki - the militia and partisans who lived in the Aegean region of the Ottoman Empire from the end of the 17th to the beginning of the 20th centuries.

Bashibuzuki - the warriors of the Ottoman Empire are also surprised by their appearance. This word in Turkish means "with a broken head", "crazy". It is comparable to the expression "daredevil."
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