Vladimir Svyatoslavich: conquest of the Kiev throne

Vladimir Svyatoslavich: conquest of the Kiev throne

13 june 2019, 13:41
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After the death of Prince Svyatoslav in 972, the principality was divided between his sons into three parts. Kiev was led by his legitimate son Yaropolk. In the autumn of 976, an internecine war broke out between Vladimir and the legitimate sons of Svyatoslav, which was raised by the Kiev voivode Sveneld.

The son of the commander, Lut, was killed by Oleg's servants, for which he incited Prince Yaropolk to go to war against his brother. During the fighting Oleg killed his own soldiers, dropping him from his horse.

Vladimir, escaping, fled to his uncle in Sweden, where he immediately married Tin, gathered the Varangian army and, returning in the autumn of 978, first to Novgorod, began a war against the Kiev prince.
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Vladimir seized the city of Polotsk, killing the family of the Varangian ruler of the city of Rogvolod. His daughter Rogneda, wooed for Yaropolk, he forcibly married. In this way, the annexation of the Principality of Polotsk was “legalized”.

Then, with a large Varangian army, Vladimir besieged Kiev, where Yaropolk was locked up. According to the chronicle, a servant of Yaropolk named Fornication, bought by Vladimir, intimidating the Kiev revolt, forced Yaropolk to flee to the small town of Rodnya.

In Rodn, Vladimir lured Yaropolk to negotiations, where two Varyags "raised him with their swords under their bosoms." The pregnant wife of Yaropolk, a former Greek nun, was taken by Vladimir as a concubine.

When the Varangian army, which Vladimir brought from Sweden, began to demand a tribute from Kiev for his service, Vladimir promised them it, but refused a month later. Part of the Varangians sent to the service in Constantinople, advising the Byzantine emperor to dissolve them in different places. The rest of the Varangian mercenaries, Vladimir left himself to control the cities.
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