Earn on toys: Lego as an investment object

Earn on toys: Lego as an investment object

3 February 2020, 22:23
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Collecting Lego sets is not as popular a hobby as numismatics or philately. Amateur designers combine two Hobbies at once: finding rare items and creating their own structures. Special attention is drawn to rare limited-edition lines and exclusive sets in which you can invest and get a decent profit.

According to a report published at the end of 2018, Lego's annual revenue is on average 11%. Both old and new kits are profitable. For example, the Star Wars Darth Revan set, released in 2014, sold for $ 3.99, and in 2015, this set was purchased on eBay for $ 28.
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The results of market research have shown that small sets become more expensive faster than sets with a large number of parts. Lego, which has up to 113 elements, brings 22% of the profit per year. In addition, profitable toys are dedicated to certain topics: Star Wars, Batman, Minecraft, etc.
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Some sets can be obtained only by buying from someone at auction. Thus, the designer will be re-invested (obviously, the previous owner will try to sell the kit more expensive). For example, the 2015 Bat-Pod set is a copy of the Batman motorcycle from the Christopher Nolan trilogy. Its circulation is 750 copies, and only a VIP member of the Lego club could buy the set.
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Lego Star Wars Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon is one of the largest sets, with 5,195 parts. Initially, its cost was $ 500, but today the toy can be purchased for an average of 4 thousand dollars. The remaining printed sets are considered the most valuable.
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