Porcelain agitation theme: 1950s Dulevo figurine sold on Violiti

Porcelain agitation theme: 1950s Dulevo figurine sold on Violiti

24 September 2020, 9:09
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Products of the Dulevo Porcelain Factory are frequent "guests" on the Violiti website. But this does not in any way affect the enduring interest from users. This also applies to the lot sold - the "To the Parade" statuette.

The figurine is distinguished by its characteristic propaganda orientation. But at the same time it is presented easily and unobtrusively. The composition consists of two objects - a man in a festive military uniform and a little girl walking next to him. The main color is white with splashes of red, blue and gilding.

The propaganda porcelain of the USSR needed no introduction. It was "seen" from afar - draft actions, slogans, elements of industrial landscapes. Everything that reminded Soviet citizens of building a bright future for their country.

The main assortment of "draft" porcelain was, of course, tableware. But they couldn't do without figurines depicting all the delights of Soviet life. Nearly 300 works were exhibited at the 1925 World's Fair in Paris, where they received a gold medal.

But by about the mid-1940s, interest in agitation in porcelain began to fade away. It began to be produced in small batches. And, as a rule, it was dedicated to some significant events in the country.

After the end of World War II, the production of porcelain products developed in two directions - highly artistic porcelain and tableware for mass consumption, made in the best traditions of folk art. They, among other things, were adhered to by the Dulevo Porcelain Factory.

Due to the small circulation, the fragility of the exhibits and the uniqueness of the handwork, the Soviet propaganda porcelain increases in price every year and becomes a profitable investment for collectors.
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