Baking with a secret: the Spanish woman bought the cake and found there a check for a tidy sum

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A check of € 9,000 was discovered by a resident of the municipality of Roperuelos del Paramo in Spain after she cut the festive “Magi Pie”.

It turned out that in this way the Conrado confectionery factory thanks its customers for hiding large awards in their products every year.

Katno Fernandez purchased three “pie of the Magi” on the day of the Epiphany, which in Catholicism is associated with evangelical events after Christmas and celebrated on January 6. The woman gave two pies as a gift, and left one for herself, in which she discovered a large sum.
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The idea to hide cash gifts in the pies Conrado owners first implemented in 2009, when the amount of € 500 was hidden. Year after year, the remuneration increased, and by 2018 it reached almost 10,000 euros.

In Spain, the “cake of the Magi” has the shape of a crown, decorated with bright fruit, symbolizing precious stones.

On the day of the Epiphany, the cake is divided into several parts depending on the number of guests at the table. It is considered a great success when someone from those present at the table gets a piece of cake with a surprise.
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