The coin of antiquity was found on the territory of the Krasnodar Territory

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Scientists of the Mari State University found a coin of ancient times. The gold coin, weighing 8 grams, with a diameter of 23 millimeters, according to archaeologists, was minted in the year 27 of our era in the Kingdom of Bosporus under the rule of the first king of the Aspurg Sarmat dynasty.

As a rule, such coins were not used for monetary circulation, but were a means of accumulating capital. This is the third such coin, the two previous ones are kept in the State Hermitage and according to some data in the Numismatic Society of Berlin.

Coin found in the Krasnodar Territory. Here, archaeologists and scientists of the Mari State University found the sword of the XII-XIII centuries. They believe that the saber belonged to a Polovtsian warrior-nomad. The saber handle was wooden and therefore not preserved.

This archaeological find will allow you to recreate the picture of the settlement of the nomadic population in the North Caucasus in the XII-XIII centuries, to determine the types of weapons of that time, as well as features of the burial of nomadic warriors.
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