February 18 - this day in history

February 18 - this day in history

18 February 2019, 13:02
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On February 18, 1885, Hackleberry Finn's Adventures was first published in the United States, a novel that made Samuel Clemens the world famous writer Mark Twain.

1911 - the first in the history of postal flight took place in India. Pilot Henri Piquet delivered a cargo of 6.5 thousand letters and 250 postcards from Allahabad to Neini, at a distance of 13 km.
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1913 - Pedro Lascurain set a record, having spent one hour as president of Mexico. He took an oath, appointed a successor and resigned.

1930 - American astronomer Clyde Tombo at Lowell Observatory, opens the ninth planet of the solar system - Pluto.
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1948 - after the defeat of Fianna Fail's party in the parliamentary elections, Imon de Valer, who headed the government of independent Ireland for 16 years, resigned from the post of prime minister of the country.

1960 - The 8th Winter Olympic Games began in Squaw Valley (USA), where women skaters performed for the first time. In the medal standings won the national teams of the USSR, Germany and the USA.
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1978 - the first triathlon competitions were held, which later became Ironman.

1979 - the first time in many centuries in the Sahara snow fell.
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