February 22 - this day in history

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On February 22, 1632, Galileo Galilei publishes his most important work, “The Dialogue on the Two Most Important Systems of the World — Ptolemaic and Copernican,” which influenced the development of the future European science of astronomy.

1797 - During the War of the first coalition, the Fish Guard forces of the Revolutionary France invaded the territory of Great Britain. In English history included as "the last invasion."
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1848 - The bourgeois-democratic revolution began in Paris, which led to the overthrow of the July monarchy.

1901 - at the entrance to the Strait of Golden Gate I hit the reefs and sank the American ship “Rio de Janeiro”, killing 128 people.
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1920 - for the first time a dog hare race was organized in California.

1935 - the aircraft were banned from flying over the residence of the President of the United States - the White House.
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1956 - Elvis Presley first hit the music charts with the song "Heartbreak Hotel".

1968 - The Soviet Antarctic Bellingshausen station was opened on Waterloo Island.
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1983 - American Alex Chervinsky built a pyramid of 390 coins 4 meters high (world record).

1997 - the song “Do not Speak” of the group No Doubt topped the chart and led the little-known group to that moment into superstars.
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