February 27th is the day in history

10027 February, 10:32 / Source: ru.wikipedia.org
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February 27, 1693 in London was the first in the world magazine for women (The Ladies' Mercury). At first it was one sheet, printed on both sides. In fact, he was not even called a "magazine."

1825 - The first chapter of Alexander Pushkin’s novel Eugene Onegin is published.
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1900 - FC Bavaria Munich was established in Germany.

1932 - English physicist James Chadwick discovered a neutron - an elementary particle that has no electric charge. For this discovery in 1935, Chadwick received the Nobel Prize.
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1963 - The Italian Government announced a competition to resolve the issue of preserving the Tower of Pisa from falling. Over the eight centuries, the upper part of the 60-meter structure deviated almost 5 meters from the vertical and continued to fall.

1970 - The single "Bridge Over Troubled Water" by the duo Simon and Garfunkel went gold.
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1995 - One of the oldest banks, Baring Bank, went bankrupt, a symbol of the British financial system, among whose clients were Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and other prominent persons in the UK.

2010 - a powerful earthquake in Chile; killed more than eight hundred people.
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