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On February 28, 1525, on the orders of the Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes, was accused of attempting to kill him and intending to revolt against the Spaniards. Quautemoc (Guatemozin), the eleventh and last independent ruler of the Aztec Empire, was executed.

1716 - the expedition of captain Bilovich-Cherkassky to the Caspian Sea began, as a result of which the first map of the Caspian Sea was compiled.
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1854 - The Republican Party of the United States was founded in the city of Ripon (Wisconsin), a union of opponents of slavery, which reflected the interests of the industrialists of the North (Yankees).

1922 - the first production of the performance “Princess Turandot” by Carlo Gozzi was carried out in the 3rd studio of the Moscow Art Theater.
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1937 - American chemist Wallace Carothers, who worked in the laboratory of the company DuPont, for the first time synthesized a new polymer - nylon. The first practical application of nylon was found the following year, when toothbrushes were made from it.

1953 - Britons James Watson and Francis Creek of the University of Cambridge announced that they identified a double helix structure of DNA, a molecule that contains human genes.
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1975 - The first Lomé Convention on Economic and Trade Relations with 46 African countries in the Caribbean and the Pacific (ACP countries) was signed by the European Economic Community in Lomé.

1982 - The Getty Museum in Malibu (California) became the richest museum in the world - on this day it received $ 1.2 billion, which its founder, oil magnate Jean Paul Getty, bequeathed to the museum.
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