Giant gold nuggets costing $ 1,000,000 each

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In September 2018, two Australian miners found two huge stones with gold splashes. Each of them, according to experts, was estimated at 1,000,000 dollars.
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These stones were found at a mine near Kalgoorlie (Western Australia). According to the mining company RNC Minerals, the largest of them weighed 95 kg and contained more than 2,400 ounces (74.6 kg) of gold. The second stone is 63 kg and had about 1600 ounces (49.7 kg) of gold. The rest of the weight of the stones was quartz rock.

“People still find nuggets in gold mines, but, as a rule, they weigh less than a few ounces. Australian miners often mine only 2 grams of gold per ton of rock. Very rarely, we see the results of such a level,” said Professor Sam Spearing, director of the Mining School of Curtin University in Western Australia, after the discovery of the findings.

Before gold was discovered in the Beta Hunt mine near Kalgoorlie, nickel was mined. RNC Minerals subsequently found a gold mine located 500 meters underground.

Australian Kalgoorlie is a gold mining region with a long history. The city of Kalgoorlie was founded on June 17, 1893 by the gold prospector Patrick Hennen, who found near a large gold deposit, which is still considered one of the largest in Australia.
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Discovered stones were planned to be sold at auction as collectible items.
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