18th century Chinese vase from old shoe box

18th century Chinese vase from old shoe box

14 June 2019, 16:06
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Recently, one of the French families incredibly lucky. They found an old Chinese vase in a shoe box. Experts dated her XVIII century.

Subsequently, at a Sotheby's Paris auction, the vase was sold for 16.2 million euros. Apparently, a collector from China has become the new owner of this find out of the box.

For the past few years, a Chinese vase lay with old things in the attic of one of the French country houses.

“The owner of the vase brought it in a box wrapped in a newspaper. When we got the vase, we were shocked. The family that found it, guessed about the possible value of the thing, but did not expect that you can get such a huge amount of money,” says the expert of the auction house Olivier Valmieres.

Pear-shaped vase has a height of 30 cm. The neck is decorated with gold paint. Deer, birds and wood are made in the style of "yankay" - "foreign colors." This is a mixture of national style and European techniques, which hit the country in the XVII century.
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