May 30: Columbus's third expedition, telegraphon and DNA — double helix

May 30: Columbus's third expedition, telegraphon and DNA — double helix

30 May 2018, 14:04
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May 30, 1498 began the third expedition of Christopher Columbus. She managed to find a small amount of money, so only six small ships and about 300 people left the navigator (among them Juan de la Cosa, Pedro Alonso Niño), and criminals from Spanish prisons were sent to the team.

1631 - the first output of La Gazette - the first French newspaper.
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1876 ​​- in the German town of Ems, Russian Tsar Alexander II signed the Emka decree aimed at suppressing the Ukrainian language and culture.

1896 - New York City officially recorded the first ever road accident: Henry Wells's car from Springfield collided with Evelyn Thomas's bicycle. The biker had a broken leg.
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1900 - at the World Exhibition in Paris, the Danish engineer Waldemar Poulsen presented the device he invented - a telegraphon. In fact, it was a tape for recording.

1911 - the first motor racing "500 miles of Indianapolis". The winner was Ray Harrow with a result of 6 hours 42 minutes. It was not without tragedy - one of the riders died.
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1922 - in Washington, Chairman of the Supreme Court of the United States William Howard Taft solemnly opened the Lincoln Memorial.

1942 - during the operation "Millennium" began the first for the years of World War II aircraft raid of British aviation to Germany - in the raid 883 aircraft participated, conducted a two-day bombing of Cologne. Almost 13,000 buildings were damaged and destroyed, 486 were killed and 22,270 people were wounded. The British Air Force lost 43 aircraft.
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1953 - in the journal Nature published an article by James Watson and Francis Crick, in which they proposed a structural model of DNA - a double helix.

1971 - Launch of Mariners-9 AMC to Mars.
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1985 - in France, the aerospace show hosted the first show of the An-124 Ruslan aircraft.

2003 - analytical company IDC, engaged in research of technological products markets, reported that in the first quarter the first place in the world server market was occupied by the computer company Hewlett-Packard (HPQ).
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