Abstract patterns and geometric shapes: hypnotizing beauty of Islamic architecture

39112 July, 0:8 / Source: boredpanda.com
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On mosques it is forbidden to depict figures of people and animals, therefore abstract patterns and geometric forms became the basic elements of Islamic architecture. And only here these elements can be so beautiful!

Mosques of the Muslim world are one of the most refined and elegant examples of architecture ever created by human hands.

They have so much stunning beauty that it's difficult to fully cover this topic in one post, so today we decided to focus only on the ceilings and arches of mosques - what believers see when they turn their gaze to the sky.

These photos show how mathematics and geometry are closely related to Islamic architecture and the Arab world as a whole. Repeated ideal spirals and geometric shapes resemble sophisticated patterns that can be seen, for example, among Buddhists. Iran is famous for its incredible collection of amazing mosques, although similar masterpieces can be found throughout the world.

Let us discover the wonderful world of Islamic architecture.
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