When water runs out, or incredible sculptures from old plumbing and glass

34112 February, 15:29 / Source: archidea.com.ua
Фото © archidea.com.ua

The collection under the poetic name Aquatopia was presented at the London Design Festival as part of the Decorex exhibition. Objects created by designer Katrin Spranger, as if they came to us from the future, not pleasing with a bright prospect.

The girl presented copper and glass sculptures - sanitary and laboratory tools that have not been used for a long time.

All these products are designed to create an atmosphere of an imaginary future - dystopia, in which water has become very rare. Oxidized copper pipes connected to laboratory test tubes and flasks should create a feeling of prolonged immersion under water. Ornamental formations similar to lichens symbolize the acute dependence of life on water.
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