"Mad Scientist" and his yellow submarine

2731 April, 20:57 / Source: rusjev.net
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A former radio engineer from New Zealand named Kate Lovelock decided to build a submarine. Although initially it was conceived as something else. But in the end what happened, turned out.

Kate and Jen Lovelock had been working for a long time on their 100 acre site in Marton, on the North Island of New Zealand. After the husband of this unusual family quit his job, he decided to start inventing. He even began to demand that he be called "mad scientist."

His next idea was the submarine. Although originally Kate did not plan to create it. He wanted to start with something simpler, a bicycle or a car. But the idea with the boat matured by itself.

Spouses have begun construction. They were looking for material throughout the district, they did not even disdain to find the shed. In the course went scrap metal, which the spouses miraculously managed to revive. Construction took them almost a year, including the search for furniture and decorative items.

Today, there is literally no end to those who want to spend the night in the yellow submarine Keita and Jen Lovelock. Inside this invention there is a bathroom, a bedroom and a small kitchen. The couple rents an unusual house and earns it well. After all, those wishing to spend the night in an unusual place are more than enough.

Interestingly, and if you drop it into the water, what will happen?
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