Miniature stories embedded in old suitcases

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Works are masters of difficult perception. They show a difficult period in the life of Syria. These are apartments, buildings and landscapes left by refugees that have not bypassed hostilities.

Syrian artist and architect Mohamad Hafez decided to show them that way. Even the platform for them was not chosen by chance. He used old suitcases, which was very symbolic.

To create their art objects Syrian New Haven, an artist and architect from Connecticut collects old suitcases and scrap metal, which is left not only by refugees from Syria, but also the entire Middle East, the whole world.

In the suitcases, he symbolically embeds their luggage: what was left after the cities and streets were permanently abandoned. In them you can see miniature cars, apartments, even plants affected by the war. The artist spends months on his baggage installations.

"I want to use the platform that I have in the West to protect those who suffer deeply. You do not risk the lives and lives of your beloved children, crossing the sea in a boat on a dead night, when the sea is no more secure than the land from which you run", says the author of the project.

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