How does a coin loosen up?

How does a coin loosen up?

18 May 2019, 19:33
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In Europe and America, there are many companies that manufacture weak. But only a few of them have a serious reputation. Accepting orders for the manufacture of weak, they take from their official dealers, which in turn turn to collectors.

The weakening procedure consists of the following steps:

1. Registration of the parcel, which came from the official dealer of the company.

2. Putting coins into the electronic order registration system. This stage allows you to monitor the status of the order.

3. Photographing coins. This eliminates any misunderstandings related to the return of the coin in the weak. Also photographing minimizes the risk of fraud on the part of the client.

4. A detailed study of the coin. This procedure involves several experts. The analysis takes about 3-4 weeks. Coin status ranges from Good (G) to MintState (MS), as well as from 1 to 70 using a single rating system. Polished coins are usually ranged from 50 to 70 points.

5. Manufacturing individual liner. For this purpose, inert materials are used, eliminating the negative impact on the coin.

6. Hermetic “zapayka” coins in the weak.

Not all collectible coins are sent to proper “certification”. The presence of defects or severe damage can be the reason for obtaining the status of detailed grading. Also, if experts find that the coin is fake, it will be sent back to the owner without being “weak.”

Trust proven graders.
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