Chairs, chairs and benches created in the image of nature

Chairs, chairs and benches created in the image of nature

20 June 2019, 15:49
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The designer from Holland Floris Wubben manages to create very natural furniture. Moreover, it is natural not only due to the fact that wood is used, but also the images of furniture items are as natural as possible - stumps and snags lie at the base.

According to the author, natural materials could “tune in” only in combination with modern technologies. For example, for one of the benches: the base is a tree snag, the seat is a corrugated polypropylene tape. This is the “natural” train of thought by Floris Wubben.

Even the names of pieces of furniture are simple to the impossibility: "Bench number 3," "Eagle's Nest," "Upside Down," and so on. Their seats and backs naturally retain their shape corresponding to the silhouettes of tree trunks. For the manufacture of chairs, the designer uses parts of the trunk of a fallen tree, from which a frame with legs is created.

This project was created in collaboration with the artist Bauke Fokkema. It's nice to know that you are sitting behind a living tree, which is still capable of blooming in spring.
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