How to properly prepare provisions for a cop?

How to properly prepare provisions for a cop?

15 July 2019, 22:42
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Going to search, you need to take with you not only thirst quenching drinks, but also a supply of food. Many search engines are often not limited to the daytime, preparing to go camping with them a tent, leaving for several days. In such cases, without food and drinks can not do. How to properly prepare provisions for a cop?

1. For convenience of transportation, fold the food into plastic containers that open easily and do not overload the backpack.

2. Products in iron packaging, heavy by weight, as well as those that are difficult to open, better refuse.

3. Do not take with you products that quickly deteriorate. For example, fish, boiled sausage, sandwiches with butter, sausages, cakes and pastries.

4. Buy dry rations. As a rule, its filling is caloric, nutritious, convenient and easy. This is the most appropriate way to reinforce a cop. It can include crackers or breads, smoked sausage or balyk, hard salted cheese, dry biscuits, casinaks. It is nourishing, high in calories and takes up little space.

5. In the summer in any case, do not take alcoholic beverages with you. They relax, reduce attentiveness, which affects the outcome of the entire cop. It is better to drink plain pure water without gas or green tea.

Think beforehand about what you’ll take with you to a cop.
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