Ukrainian artist and her realistic dolls

Ukrainian artist and her realistic dolls

28 july 2019, 16:05
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The doll? - an ideal of beauty and proportionality of body shapes. It affects the perception of little girls from early childhood. Often, a symmetrical and flawless image becomes an aspiration, although very far from life.

Ukrainian artist Olga Kamenetskaya is engaged in alteration of dolls. She redraws what was perfect, giving her models realism. A light hobby that began several years ago turned into a career that today more and more people around the world admire.

Each doll, whether Barbie or a representative of the cartoon school Monster High, becomes a realistic, complex and unique piece of art. Olga achieves this by drawing wrinkles, using wigs, changing the shape of the body. Appears lack of industrial beauty charisma.

Some believe that this “natural treatment” makes the dolls better. The so-called "flaws" create unique and truly beautiful images.
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