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If you are looking for how to diversify your hobby, and also are interested in new places, you can think about finding along the railways, as well as near abandoned railway stations. We have a lot of such in our country. It is difficult to get to some. It happens that it is necessary to go on the abandoned ways on an off-road car ...

Recently, a lot of stations are closed, villages along the railway leaves residents. In such places it is just good to search with a metal detector. Of course, it is better to feel the old railways, checking with the old maps. But other ways, too, can lead to good findings.

What can you find near the railway near the station? First, coins. For a long time for the ticket was given not banknotes or notes, namely silver or copper pennies, which had the property of falling out of purses or pockets. Secondly, various artifacts of antiquity, as elsewhere. Small decorations, crosses, keys and the like. Well, third, you can dig up scrap metal and then turn it into a buy-out. It should be noted that there are no ways to disassemble, for which criminal responsibility is foreseen.
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